What's more

We are not an Action resort. It's all about cozyness. . But still we have a set of activities to offer. Get an impression here.


We have wifi available in the whole resort including the beach.

It works perfectly as long as external influence doesn't stop you...


We have a small TV corner

To be honest: almost not used except on Saturday evening for German Soccer or Sunday for a Formula 1 race.


In case you need a PC to search something on the Internet or you need to print something: we have a PC in the restaurant area that you can use.

Board games

We offer a collection of board games

Chess, Backgammon, Skipbo, dices. It's all available in the restaurant area.


Choose from a set of snorkeling masks. to be used directly near the beach or at the reef. 200 meters away.


If you think it's all too hectic and you want it even calmer: borrow one of our fishing rods and give it a try. In case you catch something, we'll cook it for you


We have 4 motorbikes in our "fleet". 3 automatic and one manually shifted. You can rent it for a short trip, daily or long term.

For a short trip it's 100 THB. Daily it'S 250 THB. long term it's 200 THB.

Keep in mind: on our island there is no registration for motor vehicles. You are not insured. Also not with liability.



We rent 3 kayaks. Ideal to fit two adults and one child.

The Price: 100 THB per hour or 200 THB per day.


Of course we have a collection of books. You actually created this c.ollection yourselves. Just like in any other Thai resort.

An no: the books are not sorted alphabetically and also not by gendre. But it's free.


Cannot be missing: massage.

Take a look at the series of Pictures. One of them shows you the prices

Can you think of a better place to take a goot Thai massage?